FYI for all of you using Monitor,
for those times if something just doesn't look right about those
up-times. Aka how far can you trust Monitor's data.

If Monitor doesn't notice that an agent was down, it will still show a
longer uptime than the agent might actually have been up.
A recent reboot of a server was fast enough that two out of three
agents were down and up fast enough to be missed by GWMonitor and there
for were showing as up for days while the one agent showed an update of
It as the GWIA&Webaccess box that also had an MTA and a test POA. GWIA
and the POA show an uptime of 36 days, whereas the MTA has a 0 day
uptime after the whole OES2015 vm they were on was rebooted to fix a
Webaccess issue. GW 2014R2sp2 build 126868

Andy of in Toronto
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