I'm trying to use the Chrome extension for iPrint to set up printing on Chromebooks. I'm running the iPrint appliance.
I have a secure iPrint printer created that I want students to be able to install, but I don't want them to see/have access to the whole "server/ipp" iPrint printer list.
In the past, we've built a simple webpage with a few links to a few printers' install URLs, copied from the main list, and users can click and install them.
With Chromebooks, those links don't work. When looking at the "server/ipp" list of all of the printers, it seems the page isn't using actual URLs, but instead something like javascript to trigger the install. (If I alt-click on the link, I can't copy it to see what it's actually doing, but I can with normal links). The traditional link works fine on a PC running chrome, but does nothing on the chromebook.
Has anyone successfully built custom printer lists or maps that work on a chromebook? Am I doing something wrong? Any other ideas?