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Thread: QuickFinder Indexing.

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    Question QuickFinder Indexing.


    Following on from dkerbaugh 's interesting thread on Indexing. We are having trouble here and i've found the TID 7012997 on how to rebuild a users quickfinder index.

    I ran it on an index which is causing a problem.

    It came up with errors
    09:43:51 EBDF Error: Memory Allocation error [F03E] in Squeeze.QFSqzIndex.2 ()
    09:43:51 EBDF The database function 87 reported error [F03E] on user***.db
    09:43:51 EBDF Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [F03E]
    09:43:51 EBDF Updating QuickFinder index: user***.db (371117) Checking user = *** (*** / 48) 100155392 bytes, 09/20/17 10:08 (***)

    Results of the GWCHECK post the rebuild of the index.

    - Current time 10:09:20 am
    STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION of database /media/nss/GWISE/lghpo/ofuser/user***.db
    Verifying data
    - Database is structurally consistent
    Reducing database /media/nss/GWISE/lghpo/ofuser/user***.db
    - no storage reclaimed.
    Quickfinder: Pending jobs = 371148 Files = 5766fed3.idx, 57670007.inc

    Is the fact i've got the errors above and the GWcheck after it had finished seemed to show no real difference mean i should delete the indexes and then re-create them by running I presume through the TID Again doing the same unlimited thing. If I do this, is it literally the 5766fed3.idx and the 57670007.inc files I delete?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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