Recent attempts to start rolling out Java and Flash updates via Patch Management have not been working for me. I've been going by the steps for distributing patches outlined in ZW 11 Patch Management manual. In the aftermath, the patches will often install on a few of the computers, but many others are often left in a "Pending" state in ZW Control Center when you check the relationship between the bundle and the machines. I've tried testing with specifically targeting a patch to just one or two computers to see if I could find any pattern or reason for this, but so far I have not. The computers being powered on does not seem to make any difference. Restarting doesn't help either, and all attempts have had the patches specifically set not to ask the users for any input. All the machines in our office have the same hardware, run Windows 7 64-bit, and have ZW Adaptive Agent 11.4.2 on them. Running "zac pap" on a command line hasn't helped either.

I've done some searching and googling on this, but so far nothing has helped. I'm looking for any pointers on a direction to go in with this.