We hardly have anything in our business that is pop3, it's a couple of helpdesk systems and also a dozen scanners based around half a dozen sites, and yet I restart my Groupwise server and looking at the pop3 server on the GWIA it seems to be saying it's sent an insane amount of traffic. Our POP3 isn't open to the internet it's only for internal services so there is no direct internet connection to it. Does this look normal? Would it should this high figure of sent items just for people that are looking at emails ? Or do I have something on a pop3 service going crazy? and if so how do i spot it? Is there a specific search phrase i can look for in the logs that would help me spot the culprit if there is one, or do others users GWIAs show similar for POP3. I just type POP3 into the log file and a 30 minute log has 1000 plus entries.

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