I have a mystery to figure where the root of this is and am hoping
someone can point me in the right direction
I have an OES11.3 vm that consistently starts 30 minutes in the future,
and eDir just doesn't like it, leaving this site with an unusable
system until time catches up. LUM and all that depend on it are
especially nailed until that half hour has passed. Of course this is
the central eDir and LUM target for all the servers at this site so
this is quite an additional delay after a site power outage before
users can do anything.

All the servers and the ESXi hosts have the same time settings
including timezone, and none of them are showing any signs of this
except for this on box. Other quests on that host startup on with the
correct time. Only this one vm starts 30 minutes early, chugs though
the boot process in the future until 10 seconds after NTPd starts, then
it flips to the current time. eDir then runs at 199% on a 2 CPU system
with load averages hovering at over 10 until that half hour has passed.

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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