I'm using the third-party imaging capabilities of zenworks imaging to deploy a ghost image to our computers. During testing and optimization of the imaging process, I use the same computer for redeploying the ghost image. However, this causes a problem. Deploying the image worked the 1st time. Querying for work from zenworktodo.exe worked like a charm. On subsequent tries, I am notified that there is no third-party imaging work to do. Looking at the logs, I can see that the reason zenworktodo.exe thinks there is no more work to do, is that the workstation already has an assigned GUID. Since I couldn't clear the GUID from WinPE, I had to restart into zenworks imaging maintenance mode and clear the ISD via zisedit -c. This solved the problem, and afterwards, zenworktodo.exe discovered the 3rd party imaging work to do and the image was deployed successfully. However, this will be a problem not only during testing, but in the way we use imaging. Computers are returned to base image every 6 months. Is there a way to clear the image safe data, or only the WS GUID in order to avoid this problem?