I did a review and I think there was a problem because since then in the fulfillment panel appears that there are 19 requests and when I try to see them the page stays loading forever. I started another review and 4 more requests were added but I still cant see them.

My screen:

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In the catalina.out log appears the following error:

2017-09-25 15:01:08,426 [ERROR] SqlExceptionHelper ERROR: update or delete on table "review_definition" violates foreignkey constraint "fk_hide_bulkaction_revdef" on table "review_defn_hide_bulkaction"
Detail: Key (id)=(1663536) is still referenced from table "review_defn_hide_bulkaction".

I think I have an integrity problem with the database. What can I do?

Thanks to all. Any help would be appreciated.