Hey all

Using OES2015. I was forced to change our self-signed certificates in Apache since the release of IOS 11 now will not allow our users ipads to use web services on the OES servers with untrusted certificates. I followed the directions in TID 7009962 (How to configure Apache on OES or SLES to use a 3rd party certificate) And successfully got Apache to switch to our wildcard certificate from Commodo (great!). However, later I went to check a printer using the Manage Printer function under the Iprint section in Imanager and was greeted with the following error:

Error reading driver store information

Searching on that I found TID 7019004 (iPrint Manager: Error Reading Driver Store Information) Which tells me I am using the wrong certificate and key files (basically telling me to UNDO everything TID 7009962 told me to do!) Thinking it may just be the names and paths, I actually (after backing up the originals) renamed my new wildcard.crt and wildcard.key files in /etc/ssl/servercerts to servercert.pem and serverkey.pem and made the appropriate changes back in the vhost-ssl.conf file. I restarted apache2 and it was still using the wildcard cert, but Imanager still is giving the java error. Is there somewhere I need to get java to accept/use the 3rd party wildcard certificate?