Hi There,

We are running ZCM 11.4.2 with only Windows 8.1 clients. However we now have 90 new Dell Latitude 3380 notebooks that we want to use with Windows 10. Every time we placed a image back on a device, on the first boot the system hangs. We tried a lot of thing like : Legancy, TPM disabled, with and without driverpack. Noting worked.
We went back to Windows 8.1 because all machines work with that, but also Windows 8.1 has the same problem.

When I install windows 8.1 and make a image there is no problem putting it back on a other machine.
When I install windows 8.1 and the ZCM agent I have the boot problem.
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So the agent does something that gives the problem. But what?

Can any bode tell me what to do about it? I havent got any ideas anymore.


Marcel de Jager