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Thread: Disks order during replication

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    Disks order during replication


    I'm replicating one big DB server and there is one disk (D: ) which is having a lot jobs (backup...) running during night. The replication always crashes in these hours.
    Is possible to somehow select order of the disks to be replicated? The line is really slow and I like to set disk D: as the first (in the morning) for replication, but in interface I see them in "random" order.

    Also I tried to edit save file. I prepared replication job, saved job and edited it - switched parts where I saw disks to have D: in the begin of a part. In 4 places (q1, q3, q4, volumestocopy).
    Then loaded job and saw disk D: as the first in the interface. But when replication job started I see in statistics of target vCenter that partition of another disk is being replicated as first.

    Another thing, could Blackout window help me here?

    Thank you for answers.
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