I am trying to PXE boot a Lenovo Thinkpad T470 with a SSD NVRM drive in it. I have Secure boot disabled in the BIOS and I have it set to use UEFI boot. The laptop gets and IP address and brings up the Zenworks PXE menu. I choose, the manual option (like I always use) and it sits there for a bit and then reboots into Windows. I wanted to check out the PXEmenu and see if something was incorrect in there, however, I don't know what PXEmenu.txt is being used. The PXE menu that I am seeing shows November 2012 in the header, however, none of my PXEmenu.txt files in the following locations below have that in the header. I usually modify the header to show the Driver update that I have installed. Is there another PXEmenu.txt on the server somewhere that I am not finding or where is it pulling that particular menu from?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tftp\pxemenu.txt
C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tftp\efi\ia32\pxemenu. txt
C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tftp\efi\x86_64\pxemen u.txt

Further, if I set the BIOS to use Legacy mode first and then PXE I get the correct PXE menu that shows my July Imaging update header and it loads the ZCM imaging environment and I get to the imaging prompt. It is very slow in loading this but that is an issue for another day. But when I do it this way, the Image environment does not see any partitions.

If anyone can help that would be great. Otherwise I might open an SR.