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Thread: novell-zenworks-configure not working on SLES 12 SP1

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    novell-zenworks-configure not working on SLES 12 SP1


    I am in the process of upgrading to ZCM 2017. The zone is currently at 11.4.2. I will be retiring two Windows Server 2008R2 primary servers and replacing them with SLES 12 servers. I installed SLES 12 on two servers, then installed ZCM 11.4, and then upgraded both servers to 11.4.2. Everything was ok at this point. I then upgraded the SLES 12 servers to SP1 and found that novell-zenworks-configure no longer functions for some tasks. The release notes for 11.4.2 say that SLES 12 SP1 is supported and figured I should upgrade to get one step closer to SLES 12 SP2 which is supported on 2017 SP1 and still supported by Suse.

    I first noticed the issue when attempting to remint a certificate on one of the new servers. Attached is the log file from that attempt. It appears as though novell-zenworks-configure is still trying to stop / start the daemons using init scripts instead of systemctl for some of the services. I also get the same type of Java exceptions from novell-zenworks-configure if I try to use it to stop / start services on the SLES 12 SP1 servers for example.

    I have duplicated the issue in a test environment with a new zone. I installed SLES 12, installed ZCM 11.4, installed post 11.4 update, and installed 11.4.2. At that point everything was functional. I then updated to SLES 12 SP1 and novell-zenworks-configure no longer works.

    If there are any ways to resolve this please let me know and thank you for your assistance.

    Jeff Michels
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