I did a new image with Windows 10 v1703. I have a powershell script that
rename the deveice from the Asset tag value in the BIOS. Everything was
working fine with my v1511 image but with this new one, device isn't
renamed. Here's the PS script

$oldCompName = $env:COMPUTERNAME
gwmi Win32_SystemEnclosure | % { $NewcomputerName = $_.SMBIOSAssetTag }
Write-Host "Setting Computer Name to $NewComputerName..."
Write-Host "Changing Computer Name from $oldCompName to $NewComputerName,
please wait..."
$computer = Get-WmiObject Win32_ComputerSystem -computername $oldCompName

If a execute this script line by line, everything seems to work fine but
with the last line, I have this:

__GENUS : 2
__PATH :
ReturnValue : 1326
PSComputerName :

Anybody can help me ?