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Thread: Keynote, Numbers, Pages patched still show App Store updates

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    Keynote, Numbers, Pages patched still show App Store updates

    First of all, where is everybody?

    I'm testing Mac Patch Management and I'm not sure how to handle this issue, assuming it is an issue and not just an annoyance.

    Our standard setup (base image) includes the Apple productivity apps Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. I have disabled all App Store update checking on clients. I've created a patch policy specifically for these apps, which is working as expected. In spite of this success I'm still seeing updates for these apps appearing in App Store. I thought maybe launching each app once would clear the updates from the App Store, but no such luck.

    Signing in to the App Store and installing these updates works to clear them from the updates list, for now anyway, although I'm not sure what is being installed since they're already up to date. I have a feeling they may come back the next time updates are available.

    Anyone else seeing this? What is Apple doing to force these apps to show up in App Store even when checking is disabled, and is there anything we can do about it?
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