I am having problems with agent refresh issues. I have a bundle that does a Launch of an executable to install and updated version of Symantec AV. I want to run it at night. I assign the bundle to a group of WS at 9 PM of day 1. I set up a distribution schedule to wake up an WS that are not awake at 1 AM of day 2. I then set the Launch schedule to launch the application at 2 AM. When I get in at 8 AM, there are still a number of WS that have not been updated and show up in the Pending column for the bundle. If I send a WS refresh to the WS, then it will launch the app and apply it. Do I have to manually send a refresh command after waking up the WS and attempting to launch the bundle?

In configuration, my refresh time is 300 seconds, which is 5 minutes. Why wouldn't the WS know that it has the bundle assigned after 6 hours?

When exactly, does the WS refresh itself to see what bundles are assigned to it? Sometimes even when I boot up a WS and log in to the desktop, I will see some bundle objects that are no longer valid on the desktop. I have to manually refresh the agent to get new bundle objects. Why wouldn't this not happen automatically every time the WS boots up and when it logs into the desktop?