(ZCM 2017U1, single primary appliance)
I am trying to use the Bundle Status feature of a bundle to see if it has been deployed or not to a series of WS. I don't understand how to read the various columns despite reading the help on them. For instance, I have WS that I have deployed this 'Device Assigned' bundle to. Under assignment status under 'Devices Not Effective', I see it listed. I also see it listed under Launch Status, Succeeded! How can it be not effective but have succeeded?

When I click on the 'Succeeded' Device Launch status link, for that WS I see that the status is 'Not Effective', but the Launch status is green. What does that mean?

If this WS had previously had the bundle successfully deployed, would you get the above results?

All I want to see are the WS that still need to have the bundle successfully deployed. Which link do I click on for that status?

Maybe it is just me but this whole dialog seems to be overly complicated. Especially the 'Not Effective' status doesn't seem to make sense.