First, an aside: Wow! I haven't used the Reflection forum since the WRQ days. I sure wish this one contained all the posts from that one. Voila: instant knowledge base!

As you can expect, we're using WRQ versions of Reflection: 6, 7, 8, 9. When I bring up the Reflection Basic Editor, there's a Tools | Options menu item that permits me to change the font and type size in the editor. But those settings don't apply to the Variables window when I'm debugging a script. I've tried playing with settings for the Variables window in the Windows registry, but Reflection blithely ignores font settings for the Variables window.

Several of my users don't have eyesight like mine, and have trouble viewing what they call the "grain of rice" font. It sure would be useful to be able to increase the size of the type in the Variables window.

If there's anybody out there who can help with that, I'll be amazed.

I guess I'll have to grab the current version of Reflection and give it a try...