I have an old GroupWise 8 configuration that has several domains and a number of post offices in each domain. To save the long detailed backstory, my questions are:

* Does a post office agent need to be running to perform a move of a user from one post office to another?
* Do any of the agents actually have to be running for moves/adds/changes to take place?
* The agents actually move the mail around the system, but do they need to be active to maintain the objects in the tree?

I have been brought back to this aging system after several years away, because I'm the only person around who still "remembers" how to maintain this NetWare/GroupWise configuration. We have been working many hours to try to get failed servers and their associated post offices back online and active even though the system is no longer used very extensively. (It's being maintained for a number of internal political reasons.)

I need to be able to maintain the eDirectory objects, move the user objects from container to container, and their associated GW objects from post office to post office. If I can do this by simply maintaining a clean tree and not having to have the agents running that would be great.

Any advice on an old but still functional config would be greatly appreciated.