I tried an upgrade on one of our non-critical servers and have run into a number of problems. This server is our School district's secondary DNS Server (Novell-DNS) and that service refuses to start. I am assuming it is because of Novell DNS (novell-named) won't start if the options sections is too big per TID 7022425. I can't do the workaround of removing zones because I need all the zones I have setup in order for the District to function properly, and I have had no issues with all previous version of server software going back through Netware 6.0. The next issue is the web server services failing to start due to the upgrade failing to modify ALL apache2 scripts to the new syntax. I found a location where I had to modify an Include to IncludeOptional to fix the service and get it to run. I still can't get Nagios under the OES Remote Manager to display anything. It shows graphs but it contains no data. We also had the Zenworks Agent 17.1 installed and it failed to start. I now have it running (started the services) but can't figure out a way to display the desktop icon in order to check the agent setup/settings.

Has anyone had better luck and/or other workarounds to the problems I am running into, DNS,Zenworks,NRM, Web, etc. ? Please let me know how you are coping and I am holding off installing any additional upgrades until I have some answers to these issues.

Thanks for listening.