We've been using zenworks 2017 (update 1) mobile management so far all school year with great success. Starting about a week ago, any new iPads I enroll get stuck in Pending Enrollment. We use Apple DEP to get our devices online. Normally we'd connect a new device to wifi, DEP would take over, login to ZENWorks, and the device would fully enroll. Now it is still picking up the DEP, prompting for my ZEN credentials, and from the iPad everything seems normal. When I lookup the device in ZCC the device is in the Pending Enrollment Devices folder, status is Enrollment Pending, and bundles won't deploy to the device. I can't find anything in the logs indicating any sort of error. Deleting and re-enrolling the device doesn't work. Logging into the user portal and refreshing the device does nothing. All previous devices seem to be working just fine, I just can't fully enroll any new devices. Any help would be appreciated.