We have one ZCM 11.4.3 server right now, and 10,000 workstations connected - we use it primarily for PXE imaging and the Nalwin window for apps/bundles, basic workstation inventory, and some remote control.

I don't want to upgrade to Zen 2017 during the school year, but need to use Zen 2017 due to some of the newer HP models not booting to the 11.4.3 PXE server/imaging files (even with the CD/USB instead of PXE). Plus since our server is older (Win2008R2) and is running Embedded Sybase, I want to move to MS SQL server as well. I don't really want to go through all the upgrade steps involved and just keep moving all the old **** into my new server if I can avoid it.

Here is my plan - can anyone tell me if there are any problems with my thought process here?

1. Keep current 11.4.3 server, IP address, and zone in place (since all agents talk to it now).
2. Build a new Windows 2012 server with a different IP address.
3. Install ZCM 2017 on the new Windows 2012 server, using a different zone name (Novell tech support said to make sure it's a different zone name too, not just a different IP address).Point to an external MS SQL database as a new database.
4. Configure the PXE imaging settings and test this - if necessary I may need to use a CD/USB boot media instead of PXE until I get the switch settings right for the new server imaging, using iphelper settings, otherwise I think
5. Slowly start building my bundles again on the new ZCM 2017 server, and use a test machine with the latest 2017 agent in that new zone to ensure the bundles all work.
6. On summer break, start moving all the existing agents over to the new ZCM 2017 (like an unreg and reg on the server) and then let the system auto-update those agents from 11.4.3 to ZCM2017 agent (or a standalone update pushed as a bundle).
7. Once no more workstations are using the old 11.4.3 server, decommission it and only use the new ZCM 2017 server for both PXE/imaging and ZAPP (Nalwin)/bundles, plus basic workstation inventory, and remote control.

Does that sound feasible?