Have some new HP laptops with M2 SSD's and having issues with imaging them.

I've taken an image of one via a custom boot CD (with acpi=off) from July 2017. It's all standard/basic configuration. I only used the disc because I was having issues imaging some HP 800 desktops. If I image through PXE the Zen Maintenance option sometimes doesn't appear or crashes before the GRUB has loaded. Server has been updated and tuxera drivers re-applied.

So I used the CD and have a .ZMG file of the image I want from a laptop that was a fresh W10 install and had software installed on it. But when I go to restore the image on another laptop (via the bootcd) it crashes at %100 while it says "SID change in process" or something along those lines. I've left it overnight and it still says the same the following morning. If I CTRL+ALT+DEL the laptop reboots. Then windows 10 tries to load and fails with 0xc000000e error message.

I've tried to do a repair on the SSD via a Windows 10 boot disc and have followed steps from https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...5db2e1b?auth=1 but it still fails with the same error message.

I've looked to see if I can create a new bootcd with the November 2017 update like I did for the July 2017 imaging update but can't seem to find it, if indeed it is available. Looks like the July one is the latest?