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Thread: Issue with NMAS after eDirectory upradation

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    Issue with NMAS after eDirectory upradation

    I have restored edirectoy from old VM Windows 2008(edir V8.8)to new VM Windows server 2012 (edir V9.0)

    However after restoring eDirectory, while doing testing I found that:

    When I am trying to use "Forget Password" utility on my application (application jsp)it will ask some security question and then trigger a mail containing temporary password, when I try to login back with that temporary password my application will sent me to a change password page.
    Now while changing password, If I try to use a password which I have used previously , my application should display an NMAS error stating:

    New password has been used previously

    But it's not throwing/displaying the above error(or throwing the exception) on our jsp page and it's redirecting us back to the change password page again and again, without changing password.
    However if we use a new password, it'll accept it.
    These are the logs we're getting in SSPR(catalina.out):
    2018-01-12 07:34:38, TRACE, pwm.Validator, {0,xxx} calling chai directory password validation checker [xx.xx.x.x]
    2018-01-12 07:34:38, WARN , pwm.PasswordUtility, {0,xxxx} 4004 PASSWORD_PREVIOUSLYUSED (error setting password for user 'cn=xxxx,OU=USERS,O=AME-Support'' [LDAP: error code 19 - NDS error: duplicate password or Q in service (-215)]) [xx.x.xx.x]

    However in our old edirectory server it was showing/displaying error on our application/jsp page and at that time we're seeing these logs:
    2018-01-12 04:40:27, TRACE, pwm.Validator, {9,MG5681} calling chai directory password validation checker [xx.xxx.x.x]
    2018-01-12 04:40:27, DEBUG, impl.AbstractChaiEntry, nmas response code returned from server while testing nmas password: -215

    Can someone kindly provide any insight as to why this issue is happening and how to resolve it.
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