In ZCM 11 under the "Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory" for a workstation, it would show the model number of the monitor. For example, we have an Acer monitor with the model number G195W and this would show up under the product column, now in ZCM 17 it just says "Color Monitor". We have a few different brands and several different models of monitors and none of the workstations display anything other than Color Monitor. under the details for the color monitor it shows a serial number diagonal size and a few other items but not the model number of the monitor. Other items such as CPU model and graphics card types have the model numbers.
I've tried deleting the inventory xml files on the workstation and running "zac inv -f scannow" and "zac sts rollup" then refreshing the machines but this did not help.

Is the something I can do to fix this?