Validator 1.5 is now available.

Here are some highlights:

* Added Remote Connector to execute commands on remote systems, send/receive files, etc.
* Added Wizards to create starter scenarios for various connectors.
* Add capability for users to create their own wizards.
* GenericConnector: Added new action Assert JSON to examine a JSON document via multiple JSON expressions
* Validator UI authentication now allows group membership checking
* Separated variable management into its own tab.
* UI updates including increased fonts and various styling issues.
* Added Start tab to help expose documentation, videos and creating test suites with wizards.
* Many more...

* HTTPConnector now supports the PATCH method.
* SQL connectors: Invalid SQL statements (missing delimiters, etc.) were ignored instead of throwing an error.
* Exporting a test will export all referenced templates.
* Many more...