I have a ZCM 11 SP3 system and am trying to run a report to see all the WS that have not been upgraded to the latest OES client, SP4 (IR7a). I created a custom report that looks for all WS that don't have SP4 (IR7a) installed using these criteria:

Device Is Retired = No and
Product Is Deleted = No and
Product Name = Client for Open Enterprise Server and
Product Version not = 2 SP4 (IR7a)

For the most part this works but I have two WS that are showing up in this report that in fact DO have SP4 (IR7a) installed. When I look at the detailed inventory of the WS they are showing BOTH SP4 (IR6) AND SP4 (IR7a) installed which I don't believe is possible. Looking at the WS itself only shows SP4 (IR7a).

I have run a full inventory scan and that doesn't appear to solve the problem. Why is this occurring? What should I do to get the inventory to report correctly?