Every year during the summer I have employee's, normally Paraeducators, work in the department to help with imaging computers or cleaning up the computers.

This year I have started working on getting my Imaging systems built with options to DD the drives that the computer is being retired on so that it meets District requirements for resale. In the past I wrote out the process which included the command that needed inputted. This year I have setup a menu system that does 90 percent of that work. The last item I am struggling with is after the DD command is complete the menu displays a Would you like to shutdown the computer now? with a yes/no option. All of that works to the point it attempts to use the shutdown command. I get an error stating the command options are incorrect.

shutdown -h now is what I am using and can find the command in the /sbin/ location. Reboot seems to work just fine.

Am I missing something or is there a command option that will work under the ZCM Image linux setup? When I do a /sbin/shutdown --help I see the -h option.

I would like the last option to shutdown the computer and power it off if at all possible.