I want to update my ZCM 2017U1 server to ZCM 2017U2. I have a single primary server in my environment and users first log into an eDirectory tree which passes credentials to ZENworks which uses AD authentication for users. When the ZCM primary is unavailable during the update process, what effect will this have on users? Right now the only thing we are deploying is bundles; not policies.

As long as the user has logged into that WS before, they should be able to log in while the ZCM server is unavailable and NOT be prompted for credentials by the ZENworks agent, correct? The login may be a little longer but they shouldn't get the ZENworks login dialog, right?

Some bundles are basically just shortcuts to a program or a Web page. As long as they aren't clicking on a bundle that installs something new, the shortcut bundles should still operate, right?

Anything else I need to worry about?

And yes I did see that Micro Focus just pulled the ZCM 2017U2 install because of a critical bug so I won't do this until they re-release the update.