Hi All: I am setting up about 30 new workstations and I want to automate the initial imaging task via the PXE boot menu. All I am trying to do is create a new menu item which will launch my imaging scirpt. The script is very simple, just pull down four separate images. I have successfully created the new menu item but I am unable to get the script to run as the server cannot find the file to launch.

Can you help this PXE menu novice? Thanks, Chris.

Here are the file listings.


DEFAULT imaging
LABEL imaging
kernel efi\x86_64\linux
append 5 initrd=efi\x86_64\initrd mode=2 rootimage=/x86_64/root install=tftp://$PXESERVER/efi splash=silent vga=0x314 tftptimeout=50 $KERNEL_PARMS IMGCMD="pd600g3_win10_image.s"



img rp /unified/win10_base_prep.zmg
img rp /unified/drivers/pd600g3_win10_drivers64_20180104.zmg
img rp /unified/install/win10_install_20171016.zmg
img rp /unified/scripts/pd600g3_win10_scripts_20171030.zmg

reboot -f