Customer want to restore image on HP Probook 600 G3 machines. The imaging environment updated with Nov 2017 driver update.
The bios set in legacy mode when boot. In manually mode, the efi\x86_64 folder loaded.

There is a script for the restoring, and there is a menu in pxemenu for this machine. The script do partition delete and add new partition, and some imaging commands (for example: " -rp gold_rd.zmg -ip $PROXYADDR -ap=a1:p1 a2:p2" and " -rp Driver/config2017.zmg -ip $PROXYADDR -ap=a1:p2 -legacyntfs

There is a z_maint3.cfg for this machines:

kernel efi\x86_64\linux
append 5 initrd=efi\x86_64\initrd mode=5 rootimage=/root install=tftp://$PXESERVER/boot splash=verbose vga=0x314 acpi=off noapic tftptimeout=50 $KERNEL_PARMS IMGCMD="/bin/script.s"

First problem: The script cannot start automatically.
Second problem: When run the script, the partition delete and add succesfully. When start the restore of the goldimage_rd.zmg, I get that "Floating point exceptioning" for a second, and after start restore the config2017.zmg what is succesfully.

If we delete the "-ap=a1:p1 a2:p2" the restore works with gold_rd.zmg too.
If I use the boot folder with the linux kernel, I get Could not find ZENworks reposytory" error.
If I use the boot folder and add new id parameter to the confog file, the loading freeze when try to load the e1000e driver. (find with hwinfo --netcard command)

Any idea?