I have performed a new installation of Retain on SLES 12 SP2. In addition, I have retain running via SSL over port 443. I have everything setup and Retain appears to be working properly. I can login to the worker, reporting, and the server all just fine. However, if I browse to the /RetainWebUI directory (the URL that the plugin attempts to load) and then type in my username/password, the page returns an error saying: "Retain Server cannot be reached." I checked the RSConfig.cfg and it points to the correct information. The only thing that I have found is a support TID (7020639) that talks about enabling SSLv3, but I'm not sure if that is a requirement or not for the RetainWebUI application (I surely hope not). Has anyone else ran into this issue or knows where I can check on the server for more information? The log files do not provide much help either.