Hi i recently replaced our primary server for Zenworks as we wanted to upgrade from 11.4.3 to 2017 (our old server was on Windows Server 2008) we moved it to Windows server 2012 (I followed these instructions https://www.novell.com/documentation...a/bj3xt3x.html) the process (including the upgrade to 2017) seemed to go alright until last night when our old primary server for some reason started up again. Now even thought I have turned the old server back off again (and restarted the new server) the old server is the only server that is appearing in the server list both in Devices > Servers and Configuration > Server Hierarchy.

We still have access to Zenworks and most things seem to be working but i cannot see the new server anywhere in the web interface only the old server. We only have 1 Zenworks server so i know the new server is working as i have access to the web interface.

Any help you can give us in this matter will be very much appreciated.