I am testing the OES2018 upgrade and made a clone of my GroupWise server that also runs Messenger, since SLES 12 is required to upgrade it, and relocated them to my test environment which is an isolated VMWare Workstation that has no Internet access. The upgrade process seems to work fine, I get the Ruby error after the package progress bar portion completes before the OES update happens. I just continue through that step, I brought over another server from the replica so that OES had something to talk to for the upgrade and it completed.

Now after I complete the upgrade process and the system reboots to go into normal operation, after the splash screen goes away I get a black screen. Occasionally I will see the same command line/startup (like after pushing the button to watch services start instead of the splash screen) but a login screen never appears. I can SSH into the machine and it appears that services are running, I just can't access the server directly from a GUI if I needed to. Has anyone else run into this issue and have a resolution? Thanks!