Hi all: We are currently running ZCM 2017 SP2a on SLES 11 SP4 servers. I wish up upgrade my primary server to SLES 12 so I created a temporary primary and moved all zcm services to it. I will then uninstall the original primary, rebuild it from scratch with SLES 12 and then add it back in as primary.

But I have several questions I am hoping you can answer or give your opinion.

1. Should I use btrfs as the default file system for the OS? I currently use ext3.

2. My content-repo directory is currently run on a separate partition which is also ext3 (I use a soft-link to point /var/..../content-repo to the separate partition). I was thinking of using XFS for this partition?

3. My plan was to install SLES 12 SP2, then ZCM 2017a. I would then allow the system to update to 2017 sp2a. Finally I would upgrade the OS to SLES SP3. Does this make sense?

Thanks, Chris.