I am trying to configure test application on my local system but it is not working .

Steps followed
1. Download passwordtest.exe
2. Configured inside NSLv8.5
3. Defination
# Set Password Policy
RestrictVariable $Password PwdTestPolicy
# ==== BeginSection: Log on ====

   Class "#32770"

   Ctrl #1001

   Title "Log on"


SetPrompt "Username =====>"
Type $Username #1001
SetPrompt "Password =====>"
Type $Password #1002
SetPrompt "Domain =====>"
Type $Domain #1003
Click #1
SetPrompt "Please enter your user name and password to access Password Test.  SecureLogin will remember and automatically log you on in future.  IT Help Desk
# ==== EndSection: Log on ====
But Secure login dailog box is not showing up.