In 3.0.1, can you review permissions for unmapped accounts?

For example I have an unmapped account that has one permission tied to
that account and I can see that permission when I navigate to Accounts
-> <the unmapped account>, there is a Permission tab.

In this case the application is Active Directory and the permission is
Domain Admins.

If I try to create a new review definition with the type "Account
Review" and I select the application I want to review, then I select
"All mapped and unmapped accounts", then I add a permission filter and
add the permission I want to review, Domain Admins, which the unmapped
account has.
Then I select Additionally review permissions for each selected account

If I estimate the impact no unmapped accounts appear. Only mapped
accounts appear.

If I change to "All unmapped accounts" then Estimate Impact shows 0
results. I have to remove the permissions filter to get any results. But
then I only get accounts and 0 permissions.

Is this by design and if so, what is the recommendation for reviewing
permissions tied to unmapped accounts?