We recently upgraded to ZENworks 2017 update 1 and I updated our Windows 10 base image so the 2017 update 1 client is installed and now whenever we try to reimage a machine the automatic script does not seem to detect that the machine already has a name and asks you to enter a name (which is annoying) but even when you enter the computers name in it still loads up with a random DESKTOP-(Random letters) computer name and not the name I gave it during the imaging process.

However the computer does appear in the correct folder in the devices section of ZENworks e.g. Devices>Workstations>Pupils>IT>Room237 with the correct bundles and groups applied, but obviously not in the right place in active directory which causes other issues.

Please find below the script we use to detect the name

This runs at the start of our imaging script before the correct base image and driver image are detected\selected.

# Set the computer name
if [ -n "$(zisview ComputerName)" ]; then
WSNAME=$(zisview ComputerName)
echo "No image safe data found. Assumed to be a new workstation"
while test ! $WSNAME; do
echo -n "Please enter the workstation name : "
if [ ${#WSNAME} -gt 15 ] ; then
echo "Workstation names must be 15 characters or less."
zisedit -c

# Reset the name to either the chosen or previous name
zisedit ComputerName=$WSNAME
WSNAME=$(zisview ComputerName)

Has anyone got any ideas about why this might be happening the only change we have made is the new client on the Windows 10 base image.

Any help you can give me is very much appreciated.