Occasionally I get Junk email briefly going to my inbox before being moved to Junk. This has happened a couple of times on my GroupWise 18 system, but I'm pretty sure I've seen this on earlier versions too.

For example, this morning my phone beeped at 5am... fearing a catastrophe somewhere I looked at my phone, and saw that the notification was for a junk email. I didn't even open the notification, just rolled back over and tried to get another hour of sleep. Later the notification was gone even though I hadn't cleared it, and sure enough when I looked at my actual mailbox I found the message was indeed in the Junk Mail folder.

I've also sometimes received GroupWise Notify pop-ups for messages that I knew to be junk, and found in my junk mail folder (no, I didn't have notify set to look at the Junk Mail folder).

Is this just a race condition somewhere that makes this happen every now and then, or is this a fixable problem?