Hi There,

We have a ZCM 11.4 running on a Windows 2008R 64 bits server. We want to upgrade it to the latest version (appliance ZCM2017) and the first step was to get the OS version from the server to Windows 2012R2.
Last monday I did the OS upgrade and I thought that it all worked. However, now I have a strange problem.

When I have a device in the same network as the ZCM server I can PXE boot and put a image on the device.
When I have a device in another network I can't PXE boot and get a "No Boot Filename Received".

There is no change on the switches and all IP helpers are the same and correct.
When we put the old server in place (Backup) I can boot PXE from the other network so the Lan is fine.

All devices on the other lan have connection with the ZCM server so on the ZCM server all network settings are also Okay.

The OS update from 2008R2 to 2012R2 has done something with the PXE boot but what?
Anyone any idea's ?