How can one get a list of mailboxes that have been archived out of
Retain? Or any of the user lists as well.

The Retain User list does not match GroupWise user list nor archived
mailboxes. The Retain User list is much shorter (lots seen missing),
not that I've found a way to extract the list yet.
We want to clear out the long gone short term users, but how to select
them when I can't see them in the system. They must be there from the
view of licenses consumed, but how to manage that usage?

We never did that very manual process of collected former staff, but
Retain appears to be wanting it that way rather than showing the former
and long gone staff.

Retain 4.2 (4.4 downloaded and in the queue to install) running on
OES11.2 This Retain system originally deployed as 1.x on OES9, so it
does have some history.

Andy of in Toronto
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