What is the oldest version of DS/eDir that we can have in a tree to
safely upgrade to the new eDir in OES2018?

Several of my clients still have the odd NetWare box left in their tree
for one reason or another. Can the new eDir 9.x peacefully coexist
with those NetWare boxes in the tree that have to have a replice just
for NLS to work (i.e. No replicas on NetWare is not an option)?

For the most part we are talking NetWare 6.5.8, I think fully patched
or very close to. The clients with older than that are no where ready
for the new OES, but knowing the breaking points will help me in
prodding them along to either getting them off those old boxes or
splitting them off the primary tree.

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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