I'm looking into setting up ZCM to manage our mobile phones. We are a Google Apps for Education school if that affects this.

When creating the subscription I get sent to a page to sign in with a Google Account, if I use any account under the Google Apps domain I get the following error "G Suite is not currently supported by managed Google Play Accounts, please choose a non-G Suite account to continue."

I did setup with a standalone gmail account, but the problem is the work profile isn't linked to the users Google Apps account so they can't check email within the work profile, unless I allow the user to add additional accounts to the work profile. At this point the process isn't really user friendly with all the hops.

Looking at the "Manage EMM provider for Android" in the Google Admin console I can see an option to add a third party EMM which gives me a token, but I don't see anywhere in ZCM I could use that.

Has anyone had experiences using MDM when you are using a Google Apps domain and Gmail?