I was just informed that my organization is opening a remote office on the other side of the state and I need to come up with ways to support that office, and printing is one of those ways. Is there a way with iPrint to be able to set up the ability to print to any printers that I will be setting up at the new office?

Not to vent too much about the situation, but it is one of those examples where the decision was made without asking IT what we would need to do to pull this off and at this time all that I know that I have is Internet bandwidth at the hosting location. I know that with iPrint today I can install a printer which is back at my organization's office and someone can print from anywhere that has an Internet connection. What I would like to be able to do is keep using iPrint for whatever printer that I will end up having to install at this satellite office so that while they are there (or someone needs to print to it that is heading there) that it works the same way as iPrint here at the office and still have the audit controls that I have with iPrint.

What are my options to try to make this happen? I can think of either using an IPSEC tunnel, but I don't know what my options will be at the new location, or to set up a second iPrint appliance with a second print domain for that satellite office. Thanks!