I have a problem when imaging windows 7 machines, after imaging all I get is a black flashing cursor this only happens on new HDD/SSD drives. We are in the process of moving all our machines from HDD to SSD we either have to install windows on the SSD first before imaging or try to fix the MBR after imaging is there any way we can fix this within the image itself.

I managed to fix the problem on our windows 10 image by editing the BCD file, but I have tried this with windows 7 and it did not work. The only real difference (apart for the OS) is that the windows 10 image is UEFI and the windows 7 is Legacy so I assume the problem is probably with MBR.

Has anyone had any experience of this and managed to fix it, I am adding the automated script we run in case there is a problem with this.

zisedit computername=

img -pd all
img -pc1 -type=ntfs -size=100
img -pa1
img -pc2 -type=ntfs
img rp IP Address  base51.zmg -ap=a1:p1 -ap=a2:p2
img rp IP Address  Drivers.zmg -ap=a1:p2
img rp IP Address  FirstBoot2.zmg -ap=a1:p2
reboot -f
Any help will be very much apricated