This is GW 14.2.1 (build 124014, I think), on a XEN VM and I may have got myself into trouble while trying to get Mobility Service (on another XEN VM) to work, after doing a fresh / reinstall of SLES11sp4 on the host server. Yesterday GroupWise, including webaccess worked for the first time, but today after trying all kinds of things to get Mobility service working (which it did briefly) most things seem to have stopped. I'm toying with uninstalling GW & starting again. Right now, I see these symptoms:
- telnet from an external computer confirms GroupWise mail server is available waiting for connections
- attempting GW Webaccess accepts username and password, but shows error "EA03 Handling of SOAP protocol is not enabled"
- Windows GW client on Send/Receive says connection failed, check status window for details (Where is that anyway?)
- rcgrpwise status shows the PO agent as "unused": I can start the service again (shows "done") but a few seconds later status again shows "unused" without me doing anything.

Can anyone tell me what the various fields in the PO Agent should show, or otherwise tell me how to troubleshoot this?
Thanks very much