A group of users left our groupwise system.
We removed their internet domain (abcde.com) from groupwise (gw 2014 r2, sp3).
Before that we deleted all mailboxes and groups which were using this internet domain.

All their mailboxes/addresses were recreated in their new external Exchange-Mail System. MX-records had been changed.

Now, when they (someone@abcde.com) send an email to our gw-users this email is received, but can't be answered using the groupwise client or groupwise webaccess (D101-error). This is because after klicking on answer, in the address field the repients domain is missing (E-Mail Address: someone).

We determined the domain name (abcde.com) is still configured as "foreign domain" and "foreign id" on gwia . I think this was done a long time ago.
We can watch it in the gwia-logfiles and in the groupwise administration console. We created a file frgnames.cfg and tried to overwrite the foreign domains but it didn't work. The included names were added only. We found no way to delete the old domain names. Does anybody know a way how to change or delete it ?

Thank you and regards