Hi I realise that this is the 2017 forum but I posted on the ZCM 11 imaging and I am not sure whether that is still working or whether it is my GroupWise news reader but I am not seeing any new messages on there.

We have ZCM 11.4 We have a 9 Lenovo 11e's that will not complete the imaging preboot process. ie after 20 min still not reached the bash prompt in the imaging preboot process.

It get sot a point where I get several line like:

random: init: uninitialized urandom read blah blah blah

Then the process grinds to a real slow down to the point of doing not much.

I've got the latest imaging patch. I've tried legacy boot, and UEFI the result is the same for both options.

I've tried using bootcd and the result is the same.

But..... if I set the BootCD to use 32bit instead of 64 I can very very slowly get to the bash prompt and image the machine.