Hey all, our current setup is Zenworks 2017 update 1(with March imaging update applied). The situation is we have a UEFI based workstation, that has Novell FDE. Our standard process for imaging a given workstation is to pxe boot the device to imaging,select the maintenance option, at the CLI execute the following img -pd all, zisedit -c, and zisedit -r, then img. After doing these actions upon starting the restore image process you generate "Unknown error code: -1". The only way to make the workstation able to be imaged at this point is to do the following - drop to the CLI, execute fdisk /dev/sda, choose the D option(Delete Partition), choose the G option(Create a new empty GPT Partition table), choose the W option (Write table to disk and exit). I am able to reproduce this consistently on various hardware. This process works without error on the workstation when no FDE has been applied, it also has never been problematic under Legacy BIOS/MBR(with or without FDE). TIA