Hi, Im in the process of creating a preboot bundle for a Windows, 7 to begin then 10, in UEFI. Right now we are deploying our BIOS images by using the info in this link ZCM imaging megapost part 6 (PXE boot menu). That said, in a preboot bundle is it possible to ask questions to the user using the action "Imaging Script"? By questions, I mean what is the workstation name for example. In addition, can I use bash to do it like I did before? By the way, right now we are running ZENworks 2017 Update 1. Would it be better to update to update 2 before doing anything else? Or update 3, when it comes out, maybe. On the other hand, maybe we should switch to an MDT deployment. Anyone got any suggestions on the matter?

Thanks in advance for the help!